Waist Training 101


What is Waist training?

Waist training is gradual process of making your waist smaller. It’s bringing that 34” waist down to 30”, then 26” over many months through long sessions wearing your corset. It’s all about the waist, and applying pressure over time so your body naturally adapts into the new size.

Do I need to wear a corset differently for waist training?

It may already feel like you’re applying enough pressure to your waist just by wearing a corset. To get down to the details, if you wear a corset which is laced tightly, you will actually start bringing your waist in, provided you put in a lot of time.

And time is the real difference when it comes to waist training. Waist training means hours and hours and hours of wearing your corset. We’re talking between 6 and 18 hours a day for that coke bottle figure. Gradually your body will adapt to a tight waist and you’ll be able to tighten your waist further.

How long?

This, unfortunately will depend on your body.

For small changes, you may need several months of waist training. For knocking more inches off your waistline, it can take years.

How many years? World record holder Cathie Jung, sporting a 39-15-39 figure has spent the last 25 years waist training. That’s 15 inches. 0.6 inches per year!

What should I look for to get started?

First we strongly suggest getting a steel boned corset. If you’re getting started, you’re looking for something:

An underbust is more popular because you can move around more than an overbust http://waist-trainer.org/silk-floral-brocade-corset-review/. We recommend our Gwen corset for this.