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  1. 5 Personal Finance Strategies From A 4-year Old Girl

    Tue 10 January 2017
    By Korey

    Armed with a pickle jar for the bills and a piggy bank from grandma and grandpa for the coins, a 4-year old girl (reminder — almost 5) in rural Virginia understands the value of money snabblån. Her strategy set is very simple and effective, and I have adopted several in my own pursuit of financial independence.

    Our blossoming financial heroine understands that in order to see the wad of mildly pickle-scented fortune grow, she’s got to hold onto it using a variety of strategies. Here’s how she accomplishes this:

    1. Get somebody else to pay. Although she could pay her way for the things she wants, she will always opt to have somebody else pay. She accomplishes this by asking. This is a great idea, and one I’ve personally used in order to either defer some spending or get expenses either removed or reduced. Just ask.

    So when our girl just asked me to pick up the bill for a personal item, I was inspired to ask my insurance company to charge me less. It worked. So, I tried it with everybody I send money to every month. At the end of an hour and a half of phone calls, I came away paying about $80 less per month. Hmmm… just ask. Brilliant.

    1. Negotiate like a little girl. At the conclusion of her chore duties, payment is expected and negotiated. Without fail, our monetary champion pushes her agenda. Why? Because who can say no to this type of logic:

    Notice, she does not give me the opportunity at any negative response. After all, I did notice how fast she was separating the recycling, and I did think she was helpful.

    Ultimately, we settled at $2 mostly because of the brilliance of asking TWO “yes” questions designed to highlight her actual performance. Brilliant. This also highlights her third strategy in wealth accumulation…

    1. Provide more (hugs) than expected. Without fail, she will provide something extra in every transaction — even if it’s just a hug. She doesn’t mind putting a bit of dramatic, personal flair into her work which I notice always seems to come out in her favor. She does not, however, always point it out — but merely lets it settle in at the conclusion of our deal.

    This is one of the most effective business and personal growth strategies ever conceived, and she does it naturally which tells me that there must be a basic human sense of reciprocity and personal interaction. When you exceed expectations, you are creating an aura of cooperation and developing meaningful relationships where you stand out as somebody valuable who understands positive interaction.

    However, be mindful of what is actually expected. The short answer is — everybody likes hugs from the right person in the right scenario. For example, I don’t think my boss would appreciate a hug from me at the conclusion of our weekly briefing, but might like a concise, written report of weekly minutes.

    1. Don’t worry about the details. Value is value, and our girl is willing to gloss over some details in order to get paid. So what if clearing the table took half an hour? It’s done, right? So what if gathering leaves took a turn through the swing set? Didn’t we all have a great time?

    In other words, why are you worrying about “how” if “what” is what you should be concerned about. Plus, void of clear process requirements or deadlines, we should be free to accomplish our task without worrying about the details of how it is accomplished. Our girl is concerned with tweaking the task for maximum enjoyment, and therefore tends to create adventure wherever she goes. Since she’s 4 (almost 5), she gets away with this, but I’m not sure if your next client is going to enjoy watching your youtube videos of you at the water park instead of finishing your project.

    The details matter, but if you’re on a diet of accomplishment and have good habits, these details will be worked into your overall strategy without sacrificing your life energy.

    1. Sell what you love At our town’s recent community yard sale, our girl took the initiative to fill a box of unwanted toys and books apparently earmarked for her commission. She carefully considered each item, placed it in the box and declared, “I don’t love this.” Item after item she let us know exactly what she loves and doesn’t love. The lesson here is that she only holds onto what she truly loves. Unfortunately, she did include several items belonging to her younger sister and her mother, but why worry about those details, right? At least she found items worthy of putting back into the market.

    Little girls have the ultimate sales strategy: honesty and innocence. She can describe very simply why something is great yet why she no longer loves it. Because of this, you can trust everything she says. The implications of this sales strategy are obvious — the more transparent your offer is, the better you will do in the long run. I truly believe that the success comes at the cost of effort and honesty. It takes time, not flash and traps.

    Conclusion There’s a lot you can learn from people at an any age by simply observing. Kids are just learning how to deal with confusing topics and often integrate their lessons in real time which provides constant feedback. Pay attention.

    Teaching and nurturing a child’s financial development is a requirement for parents because financial literacy is a gaping hole in our education. These lessons do not have to be burdensome or complex, but kids should understand from early development that there is a monetary world that is influencing everything from what they wear to where they live. To ignore this is to disservice your child’s social development.

  2. Buy Targeted Facebook Fans

    Fri 06 January 2017
    By Korey

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  3. Acupressure And Acupuncture

    Fri 09 December 2016
    By Korey

    As patients and consumers, we are blessed with multiple options for the treatment of our medical conditions. The number of licensed physicians and practitioners in the United States is staggering, and often make choosing a direction difficult. NHS Heroes online pharmacy in the UK

    Millions are finding their happy medium with a combination of ancient, traditional and modern medical practices, and I’ll be highlighting many of them in the coming weeks.

    The ancient Chinese are credited with one of the most well-known and practiced methods of relieving various health and pain problems.

    Much more than just massage, acupressure helps the entire body function better, heal faster and stay stress-free. It is related to acupuncture in the basic concept that pain and problems in one part of the body are controlled and alleviated by pressure points in other parts of the body.

    Acupressure works on the premise that energy, also known as Chi, flows through the body but can be impeded by built-up pressure. The practices of both acupressure and acupuncture release that pressure and open channels for the energy to flow smoothly. When these channels are open, the corresponding body locations are pain-free and body processes and organs function fully.

    A student of acupressure learns to identify pressure points associated with locations of pain or illness exactly. Then, by applying pressure with a thumb, knuckle or the eraser end of a pencil they can often ease pain and reduce symptoms of illness.

    Unlike acupuncture, acupressure is relatively easy to do on yourself almost anywhere. home.

    Here are few useful acupressure points:

    Pressure Point #1. This site is just about where the thumb meets the hand when following a line down from the side of the forefinger. Applying pressure here will help with many problems on the upper torso, including facial pain, nervousness and most respiratory illnesses.

    Pressure Point #2. Located in the middle of the wrist, about two inches below the hand, this pressure point helps with arm pain, stomach pain, menstrual cramps, respiratory illnesses and smoking cessation.

    Pressure Point #4. This point is located behind the outside ankle bone. Pressure on this spot helps with ankle problems, back aches, leg cramps and a variety of other problems all over the body.

    Pressure Point #10. At the base of the thumbnail, on the side away from the fingers is a pressure point that helps with nasal congestion, headaches, arm pain and a variety of serious conditions.

    As with most alternative therapies, acupressure is not a substitute to emergency medical care and should be used only as a supplementary treatment. Used correctly, however, it can help reduce your stress levels, general aches and pains, ease the symptoms of many illnesses and aid in recovery from injury and surgery.


    This  5000 year old medical treatment, despite its old age, is often considered a “new age” treatment in the western world.

    There is ongoing debate in the medical community over its effectiveness, even as the number of practitioners and patients grows each year and each one is a strong proponent of its role in healing.

    The basic concept behind acupuncture is that our human bodies are kept healthy and alive by our life energies. The life energies, or “Qi,” flow through a specific channel (called “meridian”) and affect the entire body, with certain points affecting specific locations. When this flow is interrupted or limited, illness, pain or even death can occur.

    One commonly cited source describes meridians as 14 main channels “connecting the body in a web-like interconnecting matrix” of at least 2,000 acupuncture points.

    Acupuncture treatments manipulate the 14 channels, or meridians, in the locations where they come closer to the surface of the body. Long needles are inserted through the skin into the specific acupuncture locations. Once inserted, a variety of methods can be used to stimulate the flow through the needles.

    These methods include raising and lower the needle, twirling the needle, vibrating the needle, warming the needle, or using small electrical charges with the needles. The specific ailments dictate the acupuncture method used.

    It has been suggested that acupuncture raises various hormone levels, blood counts, anti-bodies, endorphins, and neurotransmitter levels. It may contribute to proper constricting and dilating of blood vessels.

    The “Gate Control” Theory suggests that acupuncture temporarily closes certain neurological gates, effectively blocking pain both small and large. It has been effectively used to treat a variety of pain, and as a form of anesthesia during surgery. Similarly, some paralysis has been alleviated by opening  “stuck” gates.

    Conditions for which acupuncture has been found useful include pain in various locations, arthritis, allergies, muscular problems, depression, anxiety, and chemical addictions.

    Acupuncture has had questionable results in clinical studies; however, the process and theory behind acupuncture make it difficult to test with a control group.

    Many physicians attribute the “benefits” of acupuncture to nothing other than a placebo effect, or the idea that believing that it works is what makes it work.

    Practitioners of acupuncture, however, as well as the large number of people who have benefited from it, firmly believe that it does work, and state that only using the method can prove to you that it does.

    Acupuncture is being widely practiced—by thousands of physicians, dentists, acupuncturists, and other practitioners—for relief or prevention of pain and for various other health conditions.

    At this writing, since around 1997, over 4 million adults and nearly 300,000 children in the United States have been successfully treated.

    The goal of  “integrative medicine,”which combines conventional medicine and alternative treatments like acupuncture, is to harness the body’s power to heal itself. It doesn’t matter whether that power is stimulated by a placebo effect or by skillful placement of needles.

    As in the treatment outcomes of any type of medicine, when patients are involved in their own healing process, they do much better. As patients and consumers we have the freedom, and responsibility, to explore all the options for the treatment of our ailments.

  4. Life Death and Axe Deodorant

    Wed 07 December 2016
    By Korey

    So, I’ve been doing the single parenting thing of late and if I have a few more mornings like the one I had this morning, I’m going to rethink that whole homeschooling thing. Except it’ll be the kind of home schooling that involves nun’s habits and rulers.

    The Golf Pro has been absent on a pretty much full time basis as his father’s health has begun to decline in a very serious way and they face their first real end of life chapter in the story of their family. That’s never an easy time for anyone, and it’s made even harder by the terrible theft of dementia and slow, incredible cruel crawl of lowered physical function. He is fulfilling his role helping his mother to both care for him and get through what is likely the most difficult challenge she has ever experienced. Good man. Good son. Go, I say. We will be alright here until you get back. At least that’s the story I’m peddling to him. Visit Gather at for more information

    The reality of the single parent parade, which I’ve done before in various ways, is rather more like this… I caught the mouse that was trying to find a home in my home, which was pretty psychologically scarring for me, but more I suppose for the mouse.  I still feel like I violated some kind of pact with life.

    Two hours later, after I had used two empty, frozen pizza boxes to relocate the ex-mouse to the trash I saw a kid in the garage finish his tasty green apple and just blithely dispose of the core by tossing it nonchalantly over his shoulder.  These are the moments where autism is the only thing that keeps me from going for his throat.  On another kid, that’s total cause for a beatdown.  I ought to just hand the rodents the keys and move out instead of the mouse-proofing I’m doing.

    The heat has been out. It’s been out for about a week since I couldn’t bring myself to lie and say “Yes. I think I smell gas out there,” and I am far too terrified by my own ineptitude and any combination of gas and fire, we’ve been playing the “Ozarks  Family Christmas” game at night and sleeping 4+ to a bed. Last night I managed to fit 5 of us in my bed, but we had to sleep from left to right in a coordinated manner.  It’s like they are staging their own little “Occupy:” movement right here at home. Still, I have acclimatized so successfully to the Southern California weather, that by 64 degrees, I am already Donner-party cold and ready to eat the kid next to me who keeps destroying my house.

    Our mornings with just the 7 of us look mostly like this morning did. Once I accepted that I wasn’t really going to call six kids in sick to 2 different schools, I got everyone to school in two stages, so we were only half late.  In the first group we had someone who looked as if they had been drawn by a cross between Maurice Sendak and Dr. Seuss…you know, if they were both on crack. The other child in that group came downstairs with a kind of reverse Mohawk because he had “combed his hair with gel.” O.o  He wasn’t very happy with me for fixing it, insisting that his Dad had shown him how. Oh yeah?  I’ve never seen Dad wear that particular look. Get in the car.

    In the second group we had another ugly gel incident and I learned that if an 11 year old with a full head of hair looses an argument with gel, he can make himself look exactly like Rudy Guiliani in his pre-makeover days.  “Was Old-Guy Comb Over the look you were going for?”  “No.”  “Do you want me to fix it?”  Double Bonus? He doesn’t know who Eddie Munster is and that he is his twin. He also doesn’t know that I was totally lying when I told him that it would dry and fall into place during the day.  I’m guessing he’ll work it out by the end of the day. I mean he’s not in those gifted classes for nothing, right? RIGHT?  (Note to self: Must hide the gel. Also, Axe deodorant in the hands of two 11 year olds can cause vision problems).

    In the midst of all this, the school district and current sports commitments have scheduled a nice chunk of my time for me in the name of education: DARE Project x3, Talent Show, Mandatory Parent meeting for Outdoor Ed, Toys for Tots, Science Project x3, 6th grade International Taste Festival (75 “tastes” of food from your culture to share), 1st grade Holiday performance, 3rd grade Holiday party, Basketball and basketball pictures and basketball Holiday Potluck, “Technology” day (are you serious?!) and the 6th grade panoramic picture…in 10 days.  I would respectfully suggest that the school district has lost it’s mind.  I mean December being traditionally the BUSIEST freaking month of the year.  Technology Day?!!  Seriously, are the kids in this district still bringing in pet rocks for show and tell?  I’m trying to talk at least one of my kids into bring in a flashlight so they can spend the day turning it off and on and being amazed.

    And the International Taste Festival?  I’m all for cultural exchange. I think it’s a great idea, but why in HELL would you schedule that for December?  Something says these 6th graders are about to get their first introduction to Vegemite, thereby winning my kids the “Least Popular Taste” award for this thing. But really, do I seem bitter at all?

    Just to put the cherry on top of the sundae, my daughter is in a state of total Attachment Disorder freefall since her first Mom fell out of her program, and her suffering is awful to see while we try and help her process her rage and self-destructive behaviors into a useful crucible that will produce, I hope, a wicked-hard self-love in the end. It would also be good if they other kids didn’t stage a complete uprising against her in the meantime. Mostly, during the days with them all, I spend enormous amounts of energy attempting to defuse and soothe inflamed emotions among the members of the Small Social Skills Theater group I direct here.  But that’s another story I guess…

    Right now, the kid sitting next to me is licking peanut butter off his shirt and I still need to get my tree up. Somebody cue Vince Guaraldi and let the Snoopy Dance begin!

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  5. What To Look For In Your Dream Laptop

    Fri 02 December 2016
    By Korey

    Laptops are available in range of 14 to 20 inches. The 20 inch laptops are entertainment centers and are used to watch movies and play games. These laptops are however just too big to carry around get a portable laptop stand. You would need something the size of airport luggage bag to carry it around if you wish to.

    This makes the 17.3 inch laptop perfect. The 17.3 laptop strikes a perfect balance between mobility and a fairly large screen. These laptops come with either an i5 or i7 Intel processor which is great for multi-tasking. They also come with a dedicated graphic card which allows you to watch high definition movies and play high graphic games.

    Here are a few good 17.3 laptops available in the market:

    • Dell Inspiron 17R – the 17R is a sleek laptop which comes with interchangeable covers. This makes the laptop very attractive and you can change the look of the laptop rather than being stuck with the same color until the end of the laptops life. They come with a 1.3 megapixel camera and up to 640 GB of hard drive.
    It has 1GB of dedicated graphics memory and uses an ATI Radeon mobility card. You have the option of choosing a Blu-Ray drive and a solid state drive for the laptop.

    • Toshiba Satellite L555D-S7910 – The Toshiba satellite is powered by 2.2 GHz AMD Turion X2 RM – 74 processor for excellent multi-tasking. 250GB Hard drive and 4 GB of memory it also comes with an ATI Radeon 3100 graphics. It has 6 cell battery and weighs 7 pounds. It has an integrated webcam with facial recognition capabilities. It runs on Windows vista 64 bit version.

    • Sony Vaio VPCEJ28FX/B – The Sony vaio laptops are known for their sleek beauty. This laptop comes with an Intel i5 processor with 3MB of smart cache. It has 4 GB of physical memory and 640GB of hard drive space. It weighs around 9 pounds. The 17 inch screen on this laptop comes with native 720p HD resolution. You can connect the laptop to an HDTV using the HDMI port that comes on this laptop. It also has a Blu-Ray disc drive which means you are sorted when it comes to watching movies in high definition. It is a true media centric laptop. It has unique buttons that directly connect you to technical support, the media center as well as the web without even booting the operating system.

    A 17.3 Laptop will serve as a great companion if you love watching movies and playing games.